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Common pests

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When it comes to pest control for your Residential or office, a professional pest control company is the right choice. What is even better? Bring together the India's best pest control experts and the leading Indian brand of pest control to solve your pest control problem. Welcome to pest dial India, the global experts in pest control.

Pest Dial India is the leading brand of pest control services and products in India that provides integrated pest management solutions to homeowners and businesses in more than 300 locations across the country. Joint venture between India's largest pest control company - Pest Control India Pvt Ltd, and one of the world's leading pest control brands - Pest Dial India PDI brings you a legacy of over 10 years of expertise in pest control in over india.

We currently serve over 10000 satisfied customers in India. Our national network, professionally trained pest control technicians, and reasons that homeowners and businesses choose Pest Dial India over others.

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With international expertise and countrywide operational capability, Pest Dial India PDI has a solution for all your pest management needs. Know more about what makes us the global experts in pest control.

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Cockroach Control

Mice can multiply quickly and will do significant damage to your home.

Termite Control

Rats are infamous for carrying dangerous diseases and damaging property.

Bed Bugs Control

Rats are infamous for carrying dangerous diseases and damaging property.

Rodent Control

Fabric beetles can destroy your clothing, carpet and other fabric-based goods.

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