Mobile Website Designing Services

Studies reveal that the mobile phone is fast becoming the internet browsing tool of choice. More than 25% of handset owners access the internet or browse the web through their mobile handsets. According to reliable agencies dealing in market research, mobile internet browsing is poised to be the next principal internet platform. For this reason, many firms that are consumer driven are finding it necessary to incorporate their sites with WAP friendly features. At SEO Rank Smart, we can make your website WAP friendly.

The great potential of mobile websites has been recognized by top search engines like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! Mobile commerce is being promoted with great enthusiasm to both advertisers and users. World renowned brands like MTV, Nike and Coca Cola already have mobile portals that exhibit content specifically designed for mobile phones and other hand held devices.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! have recognized the potential of this market and are making great efforts to promote mobile commerce to users and advertisers. Most famous brands like Coca-Cola, MTV and Nike now have a mobile portal featuring content designed specifically for handheld devices. Most importantly, though, operators have reduced tariffs and introduced flat-rate plans. This means that an increasing number of potential customers are using their mobiles to find local businesses, content providers, games and more! In the UK for instance 80% of the adult population and 60% of the teen population have mobile phones. Of these, 28% use their mobile devices to access the net. Despite this, only a few websites are deliberately WAP enabled in order to make it easy for them to work in mobile phones despite the encouraging statistics. A site has to adhere to design guidelines for accessibility as stipulated by W3C. Due to limitations in the screen sizes of most mobile devices, WAP browsers adopt similar method of display as that used by search engine spiders. We at SEO Rank Smart, strive to ensure that your website is WAP enabled for mobile phone browsing.

Principles of Mobile Web Design
  • • Usage of CSS for layout is a must for any site.
  • • The coding of a website should be either in XHTML or XML.
  • • Character encoding should be UTF-8
  • • Different sizes of mobile handsets should be kept under consideration .
  • • Any critical information about the site should always be right at the top .
  • • Images should be jpeg or gif.
  • • A “back” button in the website is always handy on phones which do not include a “back” button
  • • Maximum page size recommended is 20kb
  • • Providing the users value for their spending should be the ultimate goal.

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